Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lesson one, page one...continued.

Here's the first of what I'm going to call "the eggheads." There are eight of these little guys in all, and I'm going to do the first four today.

Egghead 1- facing forward

There is clearly a lot wrong with this. On the bright side, though, it looks closer to the original than the bear cub attempt #1 looked. Also on the bright side, I got the egg shape mostly right in this one. Not always the case. One note...all of these pictures originally had the teeth and the little cheek lines intact, but the scanner did not always preserve these. Sorry, but I work with what I've got. Yuck, my lines are wobbly...

Eh...better, but not great. At least the eyes are placed well and the right size. A marginal improvement over the first.

This is my best and final attempt at this, with the only major problems being the mouth shape, the smile lines being a bit too low at the start, and the ugly lower left side of the egg. Other than that, I'm rather pleased with it.

Egghead 2- looking up and left

This first one was disheartening. I got the angle ALL wrong on the mouth, so it was difficult to say what the smaller problems might be. I made more corrections right on the drawing this time, and I think that may help me get a feel for it. Sorry for the crappy quality of the scan, but it got the important lines to show how much it sucked.

I will edit this post to add more later, but this day has been very long and I'm pausing for now.

UPDATE: I will add more tomorrow (Thursday) as I am away from my scanner all today. Hopefully by tomorrow night, I'll have all of the basic eggheads done. I know my work is slow, but I'm hoping I'll get faster as I get better and more confident.


Blogger Craig D said...

Congrats on starting up with the Preston Blair book. You're really digging into it and that's the way to go, IMO.

That bear head and those ovals look simple until you try to replicate them.

Keep it up and you'll be amazed at the results!

Craig D.

1:18 PM

Blogger Louisa The Last said...

Thanks so much for the support, Craig. I am trying to just be as thorough as I possibly can be. I mean, I tried just drawing all the ovals, and then...I compared one to the original using PSP. Egad. I was so horrified at how different mine was, I started over from scratch with this method. I can already feel some difference in how closely I scrutinize the original drawings.

2:41 PM


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