Thursday, July 27, 2006

Note: At this point, this is an incomplete post. I just wanted to get it up there to stay in motion on these lessons.

I've got two more egghead first drafts done, and I'm feeling a lot better about how close these are looking to the originals:

Definitely happy about this one. Now see if you can see a continuing trend in the mistakes on this next one...

It's something about that goddamned mouth and lower lip line! I am consistently making one end of those dip lower than they should go. Maybe I should do a couple of extra horizontal guide lines to make sure they wrap correctly around the face. Any suggestions? I'm going to do corrected versions of these later today.


Blogger Craig D said...

Well, here's a couple of things you might try:

1. For the upper lip of the smile, take a look at the "negative space" fromed by the upward curl of the lip and the downward arc of the "laugh lines." Draw this shape and blacken it in.

2. This'll sound like "cheating" but don't be afraid to trace the stuff that's problematic. Do it a few times to get the "feel" of it and then try free-handing it.

(You've seen my blog, so you know I'm not really in the position to hand out tips on how be be a world-class cartoonist! Still, don't be afraid to experiment and make really crappy sketches in order to re-train your drawing bone.)

Craig D.

7:13 PM

Blogger lastangelman said...

Ah ha, I noticed you saw my post over at john k's "all kinds of stuff" web log - concerning the possibility of a cartoon retrospective/presentation hosted by john k in conjunction w/ Dallas Video Festival.
BTW, keep drawing, the stuff that seemed unattainable will all of a sudden feel like water running over a pebble. Tracing helps a bit, then freestyling.
If you know of others in D/FW who would be intersyed let me know and let john k know and have them let john k knwo,too, and the , yes, maybe, he'll come.

9:44 PM


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